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Oh Boy Illinois’ parent site, BILD-HI.com just announced our first Illinois-based event, High Trade Friday! The event will happen on June 17, 2022, so you still have plenty of time to think, to plan, and to get ready.

Event details can be found at HighTradeFriday.com

When I bought OhBoyIllinois.com, this was my first thought. The Thompson Center, AKA The State of Illinois Building in downtown Chicago dazzled me as a child. The desire to learn how such a unique building came to be sparked an interest in architecture that has endured. I have never understood why anyone would not love such a unique building. 

As the State has discussed what to do with it, I have held out hope that some way could be figured out to keep the building. Recently, its architect, Helmut Jahn, died unexpectedly. As my favorite all-time architect, his passing has made me decide to get more active in efforts to preserve this world-famous structure. Unsure of where to start, creating this T-Shirt was an easy first step. 

So, support a building so unique, architecture students around the globe think about Illinois and Chicago when learning about it. Support modern architecture so that it can be studied by future generations. Support the principle of open, transparent government that guided the Thompson Center’s design!

Shirt Available Here

This shirt is available now 

In 2021, I can’t help but be intensely tuned-in to racial inequalities, which leads me to a state of empathy, and then I want to help. That’s double true when I see a program that was set up by the state with a supposed special focus on helping out, and working with, colored communiies – not serving those people at all, and in many cases causing them undue financial and emotional distress. In the mean time, I see white people getting all set up to go with what seems like minimal hassle. 

Legal cannabis is supposed to be primarily benefiting communities that have historically gotten a bum deal from society as a whole. It has not worked out that way so far. Many eager people, with plenty of time, talent, and money to make a business really shake are simply being told by the state that, “Things are moving along,” or flatout, “I don’t know what’s going on with your paperwork.” 

I don’t know what I expected from the State of Illinois, but this is seriously embarrassing.

This shirt says, “Oh, boy, Illinois – Legal cannabis still isn’t helping colored communities.” It’s true, it’s sad, and it’s awful.

This one was the obvious choice, shortly after I’d finished the logo. I think this is a great shirt for a rainbow of thoughts about Illinois, Jewel of the Prairie!

When anyone on the Chicago Bears gets on Twitter, and says anything remotely related to Illinois, I’m going to make a T-shirt happen. Illinois advocacy in general is something I enjoy, and I can be in Montgomery, Illinois within five or ten minutes. So, serendipity smiled on the new Oh Boy Illinois concept. 😀